11/24/2020 - Customers on Carlton Road and Main Street may experience discolored water and/or low pressure due to the CPWA's continued work to isolate water flow to/from the 8" water main on Carlton Road.   We appreciate your patience and will work as quickly as possible to resolve this issue.  

The Clifton Park Water Authority will be raising its base water rate by 2%, starting on January 1, 2021.  All bills issued after that date will be calculated using the new rate.

The rate will increase from $3.95 per thousand gallons to $4.03 per thousand gallons.  This amounts to a quarterly increase of $1.50 for the average customer using 18,750 gallons per quarter.  The quarterly basic service charge will remain at its current level, which is $17.25 for a typical residential customer.

The last rate increase for the CPWA was on January 1, 2016.