Tuesday, May 4th CPWA is scheduled to flush the fire hydrants around the Clifton Park Center Mall, Village Plaza and Shoppers World including The Bentley, Shen Schools and surrounding commercial properties beginning at 10 PM.  If there is a fire suppression system, it is recommended to disarm or set the system to "test".  

Tallowwood Drive including St. Peters Health Partners will be flushed on Tuesday May 4th starting at 8 AM and will be affected through the night flush as well.

With the severe threat of Covid-19 continuing in the United States and here in Saratoga County, many are concerned with the precautions taken by businesses to protect the public when providing goods and services to them.   There may even be some who question the safety of their drinking water through all of this.

The safety of the water provided to the customers of the CPWA is our primary concern.  The treatment and testing that is done continuously by public water supplies, under the guidance of the NYS Department of Health and the US Environmental Protection Agency, ensures that the water our customers receive is safe for human consumption.

Water from the CPWA is either from underground wells, which are isolated from the outside environment, or purchased from the Saratoga County Water Authority, who has treatment in place to remove pathogens from source waters.  As a result, the threat of contamination to drinking water supplies by any virus is extremely low.

Water supply employees are considered essential employees, and as such our employees have worked continuously throughout this pandemic to ensure the continued flow of safe drinking water to our customers.  Our employees use recommended safe practices in the performance of their duties and we have made temporary operational changes to minimize the chance of employees contracting or spreading the virus. We have also limited our interaction with customers to emergency-only situations.

If you have any questions about your drinking water, or the CPWA's response to Covid-19, please feel free to contact us at 518-383-1122.