2023 CPWA Hydrant Flushing Schedule


Clearing Discolored Water

During hydrant flushing you may experience discolored water.  Do not try to clear discolored water until after 5 pm when flushing is completed for the day.  After 5 pm you should open all cold water taps in the house simultaneously to create a high volume flush.  Before beginning the flush, put all filtration devices in bypass including water softeners.    Start upstairs and open the tub/shower faucets and sinks.  Move downstairs and open the kitchen and bathroom sinks.  Let the water run for approximately 5-10 minutes.  This should clear the discolored water.    **It is important to open cold water taps only.**

Changes to Emergency Notifications

Due to time lag issues with our email alert system, the CPWA will be utilizing Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Clifton-Park-Water-Authority-109175848023202) and Twitter (@CPWater1) as the primary means of emergency notification going forward.  Customers are encouraged to follow us on either, or both of these sites.  Emergency notices will still be posted on our website at www.cpwa.org, as well.  Email alerts will be used primarily for non-emergency notifications.

The CPWA Board of Directors has approved an 8% water rate increase, which will take effect on January 1, 2023.  The base water rate will increase from $4.03 to $4.35 per 1,000 gallons.  This amounts to a quarterly increase of $6.00 for the average customer using 75,000 gallons per year.  The rate increase was made necessary by significant increases in the cost of goods and services required to operate a public water supply.