4/18/2019 - 4/22/2019 - CPWA will be flushing fire hydrants in Clifton Gardens, Hollandale, Ellis Hospital, Center Ct, Tracey Ct and Diamond Point.  Surrounding areas will be affected.  

4/18/2019 @ 2:30 pm - Customers on LaCosta Dr between Van Patten and Firestone will be temporarily without water service due to water main repairs.   Thank you for your patience.

4/16/2019 - Hydrant flushing will begin in Fairway Woods, Dutch Meadows, Woodstead, Preston Ct, Kain Terrace, Rolling Meadows, Main St and will continue until 4/19/2019 in these areas and surrounding streets and neighborhoods.  Signs will be posted.

The CPWA will begin its annual hydrant flushing activities on Monday, April 1st.  The hydrant flushing schedule can be found here.  Flushing will be conducted Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Customers are asked to exercise caution when doing laundry.  Regardless of whether you are in the immediate flushing area, you may still experience discoloration of your water, especially during the hours when flushing is occurring.  After hours, customers should check the water coming into the home prior to starting any laundry.

The discoloration that may be seen during flushing activities is from iron and manganese that occurs naturally in the source water and precipitates out of solution when chlorine is added to the water for disinfection and settles in the bottom of water mains.  Despite the discoloration, the water is safe for consumption.  There is no need to boil or avoid using water during these activities.

Any questions regarding the hydrant flushing activities can be directed to our office at 518-383-1122.