Since most of the water supplied to customers of the Clifton Park Water Authority comes from the Boyack Road Water Treatment Plant, the majority of our customers have water qualities equal to that of the finished water from that site. The treatment plant removes nearly all of the iron and manganese found naturally in the source waters, so the finished water contains virtually none of these minerals. The water is, however, very hard. The hardness of the finished water is approximately 340 mg/l, or 19.88 grains/gallon. The pH of the finished water is very neutral, around 6.9. The Water Authority is currently adding Sodium HexaMetaPhosphate to the finished water at the Boyack Plant for the sequestration of Calcium Carbonate to try to minimize the effects of the hardness on customers' fixtures, dishes, etc.

For disinfection, the Water Authority uses liquid Sodium Hypochlorite solution and maintains residuals leaving the plant of around 1.3 mg/l. Fluoride levels in the finished water are around 0.10 mg/l.

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