Clifton Park Water Authority

(Effective November 10, 2021)


Any CPWA customer, or prospective customer wanting to install an underground lawn sprinkler system must comply with the following requirements:


 1.  The property owner or installer must apply for and obtain a permit from the CPWA for the installation of the system.

  1. The property owner or installer must pay the applicable permit fee.

Residential System Installation 

  1. All new construction must have metered water service prior to the installation of the system.
  1. The connection to the water supply must be made in an interior location, protected from freezing.
  1. The connection to the water supply must be made at a point downstream of the water meter and main check valve to the building.
  1. All systems shall be controlled by a time clock capable of programming the system to comply with the CPWA’s lawn watering restrictions. Installer or homeowner must demonstrate to the CPWA inspector that the system is set up to comply with these restrictions.
  1. All systems must be equipped with a rain sensor capable of preventing the system from running automatically when not needed. Rain sensors must be installed in an uncovered location that allows access to normal rainfall.
  1. All systems must be equipped with a double check valve assembly, installed within the interior of the building to prevent freezing.
  1. All systems must be equipped in such a manner as to allow for the draining/purging of water from the irrigation system during winter, without the need to blow compressed air through any water meters or backflow prevention devices.
  1. Sprinkler head orifices can be no larger than 3/16 of an inch.
  1. Installation of any part of the proposed irrigation system within the public right-of-way of any road, or within any easement is allowed but discouraged.  Should any part of the proposed irrigation system be installed within the public right-of way of any road, or within any easement, the homeowner assumes any and all responsibility for future repairs to the system that may become necessary as a result of excavation of utilities and/or roadways by anyone duly authorized to do so, including the Clifton Park Water Authority.
  1. All installations must be inspected by CPWA personnel prior to use to ensure compliance with these regulations. Inspections must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  1. Follow-up appointments needed due to a failed inspection of the system by the CPWA will result in a reinspection fee assessed to the homeowner.
  1. Installation of an irrigation system without applying for and receiving a permit from the CPWA will result in a fine of $250 for each installation begun prior to permit issuance.

 Commercial System Installation 

Commercial irrigation system installations will be subject to the regulations described above for residential systems, with the following exceptions:

  1. Commercial irrigation systems require a separate water meter, located at the connection to the building plumbing. This connection must be made in a manner such that the irrigation meter is a submeter of the main building water meter. An exception may be made in certain circumstances where connection to the interior plumbing of a building is determined to be impossible or impractical. This determination will be made by the CPWA Administrator.
  1. In the case where a direct connection to the water main is necessary due to the inability to connect to the internal plumbing of a building, a meter pit must be installed. The meter pit must include an adequate backflow prevention device and be approved by the CPWA Administrator prior to installation. A method of draining/purging the irrigation system of water to prevent freezing must also be provided.

Application Form - Fillable Form

Application for Irrigation System - PDF